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New York and London – June 9, 2017 – Periscope® By McKinsey announced today an alliance with research platform dscout, Inc. to develop a rapid and flexible delivery of qualitative research—and the resulting business insights—for both B2B and B2C businesses. dscout’s innovative, agile research capabilities capture customers’ thoughts and behaviors in the form of video, images and text as they happen. Combined with Periscope’s Insight Solutions, the new offering will enable Periscope’s clients to have meaningful C-Suite ready decision support available within days.

Commenting on the new relationship, Brian Elliott, Managing Partner of Periscope By McKinsey, said, “This is an exciting alliance, with both partners committed to answering our client’s key marketing questions through the lens of the customer by integrating dscout’s agile research capabilities into our insights creation. This will also allow the capability to expand from the traditional consumer segments into B2B scenarios and into different geographic regions.” He continued, “Leveraging dscout’s digital platform further enables us to understand how customers use products and services in a few days and integrate these 'in the moment' and evocative insights into our recommendations.”

dscout’s digital platform enables clients to rapidly commission and complete qualitative research. Its core assets are its Software as a Service (SaaS) research and analysis platform and a pool of “scouts”—people who capture key moments in their everyday lives through short videos, photos and text entries captured on their mobile phones. In turn, Periscope’s Insight Solutions Offering provides clients a one-stop shop for cutting-edge outside-in consumer and buyer insights via agile market research techniques and proven approaches with a network of global research partners.

“We’re thrilled to bring our remote research technology and expertise to Periscope® By McKinsey and its clients,” commented Michael Winnick, Founder and CEO of dscout. “Our relationship with Periscope will accelerate our ability to provide in-the-moment insight from people around the world to our global clients."

About dscout
dscout is built to help customer-obsessed companies do one thing: meet and learn from real people in everyday moments that matter. dscout’s SaaS platform consists of web-based research tools—enabling companies to quickly and efficiently run remote ethnographic studies with 5 to 500 “scouts” (research participants)—and mobile apps that scouts use to capture their everyday moments via video, photos and text. Researchers and innovators at Fortune 100s, high growth tech companies, agencies and startups have used dscout to gather and learn from millions of moments since the company’s founding in 2011. dscout, Inc. is a venture-backed business headquartered in Chicago. To learn more, visit

About Periscope®
By McKinsey Founded in 2007, the Periscope® By McKinsey platform combines world-leading Intellectual Property, prescriptive analytics and cloud based tools with expert support and training. It’s a unique combination that drives revenue growth, both now and into the future. The platform offers a suite of Marketing & Sales solutions that accelerate and sustain commercial transformation for businesses. Periscope leverages its world-leading IP (especially from McKinsey but also other partners) and best-in-class technology to enable transparency into Big Data, actionable insights and new ways of working that drive lasting performance, improvement, and a sustainable 2-7% increase in return on sales (ROS). With a truly global reach, the portfolio of solutions comprises of: Insight Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Customer Experience Solutions, Category Solutions, Pricing Solutions, Performance Solutions and Sales Solutions. These are complemented by ongoing client service and custom capability building programs. To learn more about how Periscope’s solutions and experts are helping businesses continually drive better performance, visit 


For Periscope® General information, Christian Koestler,, +43-1-5370 6342.

For dscout general information, Cam Balzer,, +1 847 802 0108.

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