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New York – November 28, 2017 – Periscope® By McKinsey, a suite of solutions focusing on price, promotion, assortment, sales and marketing optimization to achieve sustainable revenue growth, today announced that it has been included as a ‘representative vendor’ in the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) TPx Vendor Panorama 2017 report. The ability to execute mutually profitable trade promotions has been one of the main challenges for retailers and consumer goods companies. To evaluate the most current status, Promotion Optimization Institute(POI) conducted a survey amongst 77 Consumer Goods Companies and reviewed the offerings of 26 vendors.

During the assessment, Periscope received 100% on "Company Assessment" and 94% on "Product Assessment", placing it as the highest scoring vendor within the report. In its analysis of the strengths of the vendor, POI cites Periscope’s depth of experience working with the promotion cycles for both manufacturers and retailers as providing it with a first-hand understanding of what is challenging today’s retailers in collaborating with consumer goods companies.

“Too few TPx vendors are willing to get their hands into the data as they assume instead that somebody else will provide clean data, whereas Periscope By McKinsey has shown a rare willingness and ability to manage the data hygiene of retailer POS, as well as other data sources,” commented author of the report, Dale Hagemeyer, Partner at POI.

Listing Periscope as a best-in-class solution in the categories of Desktop UX, HQ Analytics/Insight and Collaboration, the report also listed many main strengths of the solution including “Advanced capabilities, such as cross elasticities, which many TPO vendors do not have”, “Performance, both in data rich and data poor environments” and “Dynamic price and promotion modeling to empower RGM”.

“POI notes that the link between Periscope’s category management and TPx is a significant strength due to how the insights can be easily brought to bear in the planning cycle,” outlines Brian Elliott, Managing Partner of Periscope By McKinsey. “At Periscope we believe that data-driven insights create further value across retail businesses, helping managers tailor offers and assortments across digital and at the store level, simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and improving unit economics. As the report calls out: “From the acquisition and preparation of data, to insight-based planning, to simulating the best possible promotion, this is where Periscope excels”. Being assessed and rated so highly by POI in this report is a great achievement and great recognition of the value that Periscope delivers to retailers.”

Click here to access a copy of the report.

About Periscope® by McKinsey
Founded in 2007, the Periscope® By McKinsey platform combines world-leading Intellectual Property, prescriptive analytics and cloud based tools with expert support and training. It’s a unique combination that drives revenue growth, both now and into the future. The platform offers a suite of Marketing & Sales solutions that accelerate and sustain commercial transformation for businesses. Periscope leverages its world-leading IP (especially from McKinsey but also other partners) and best-in-class technology to enable transparency into Big Data, actionable insights and new ways of working that drive lasting performance improvement, and a sustainable 2-7% increase in return on sales (ROS). With a truly global reach, the portfolio of solutions is comprised of: Insight Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Customer Experience Solutions, Category Solutions, Pricing Solutions, Performance Solutions and Sales Solutions. These are complemented by ongoing client service and custom capability building programs.

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