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About Periscope®

Periscope® combines McKinsey’s proprietary knowledge and expertise with enterprise-class IT capabilities to deliver a sustainable 2-7% in ROS

  • About Us

    Periscope enables best-in-class
    price, margin and category


Established in 2007, Periscope® leverages decades of McKinsey’s marketing and sales experience helping leading global companies improve pricing, promotion, assortments, and performance management.

Periscope® builds on McKinsey’s codified best practices including 40 years of proprietary benchmarked data. Periscope®’s unique combination of software, tailored services, and expertise provides our clients with a granular view of their commercial and financial performance. We gather and integrate a company’s landscape of data and information into a central data warehouse.

Our intuitive interface enables clients to make decisions based on advanced analytics and embed new pricing, commercial, and performance management capabilities throughout their organization.

Year-on-year, we make substantial investments in developing cutting-edge knowledge, resulting in breakthroughs that consistently drive growth for our clients.

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Discover the extraordinary scope of the Periscope® platform

How can you see your way to revenue growth when you’re immersed in a sea of data? This video reveals how Periscope® brings science to the art of sales & marketing and helps companies across industries make better decisions. Watch this overview of Periscope’s unique offerings to learn more about the seven solution suites from which clients can pick and choose those solutions that meet their needs, supported by experts across 6 continents.  

Periscope Partners

PALO ALTO, CA, / New York, NY November 3, 2014 -
Eversight™, the leading provider of cloud-based software designed to improve promotion effectiveness and make better use of trade promotion dollars, and Periscope™ By McKinsey focused on Commercial Performance Optimization including Price-, Promotion-, Assortment-, and Category Optimization today announced a partnership to bring Promotion Offer Innovation to a broad set of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers in the US and internationally.

Through this partnership, Periscope and Eversight will deliver a comprehensive set of software and service solutions which enable companies to innovate in-store promotions by digitally testing unique offers with real shoppers. The result will be tremendous value for clients: by uncovering the most effective offers through real-world-testing of thousands of promotion variations, manufacturers and retailers can work together to roll out more effective promotions in brick-and-mortar stores, leading to substantial top- and bottom- line improvements.

To know more about opportunity to partner with Periscope visit Work with Us page

About McKinsey Solutions


Periscope is part of McKinsey Solutions, a new suite of services that combines 85 years of McKinsey industry and functional expertise with data, analytics, and software tools to help clients get greater clarity in decision making and gain significant long-term performance improvement.

Solutions are complementary to McKinsey’s traditional consulting and bring disparate facts and data together to help clients see complex problems more clearly and generate business insights that they would not have been able to do otherwise. This leads to faster, better decisions that have direct impact on performance


McKinsey Solution delivers:

  • On-demand access to change management expertise in 100+ locations worldwide, familiarity with all industry sectors, and multi-lingual 24x5 help desk
  • Commercial-grade IT, including: proprietary IT platform with scale economics across our 25+ niche IP-led solutions
  • Solutions center hosts 20+ terabytes of Fortune 100 data with security approved for SAAS by leading banking institutions
  • 3 regional support hubs with 24x7 monitored infrastructure
  • Team of more than 100 IT developers working in a fully agile environment
  • On-demand access to experts and advanced analytics

About McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm and a trusted advisor to leading governments, institutions, and businesses, including the majority of the world's 100 largest companies. We have 100+ locations across more than 50 countries, with 20+ different industry practices and 8 major functional practices. Our mission is to help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, and retains exceptional people.