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Achieve category leader status

Enable and sustain best-practice adoption in merchandising and category management

  • Big Data

    Drives 7% sales lift with
    category optimization best practices

  • Assortment CPG

    Achieve 2-7% increase in ROS
    with improved category performance

In a swiftly evolving, competitive marketing environment, leading category managers leverage data and prescriptive analytics to drive decision making.

Top-performing retailers and consumer goods companies are able to drive top-line growth, earnings, and share-price improvement while their peers are struggling to find growth. For example, winners capture 7 percentage points higher sales lift from merchandising than their category peers by leveraging a mix of factors to identify best-assortment insights, and by understanding space elasticity to maximize on-shelf performance.

Periscope helps brand, product, and category managers sustainably improve commercial performance through adoption of best practices in category optimization.


Periscope powers a 2-4% sales uplift

Case Study (264 KB)

Solutions for Category Optimization

  • Customer Insights

    Transform shopper data from retailer loyalty programs and past purchases into actionable, segment-specific insights.

  • Assortment Advisor

    Optimize your assortment based on item-level impact simulations for improved category performance.

  • Market Vision

    Real-time online information monitoring platform to understand how online shoppers interact with brands and identify category dynamics.

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Discover how Periscope helps clients understand customer behavior and improve category optimizatization

What are the products you should put on the shelves to meet your loyal customers’ needs? This short overview demonstrates how Periscope helps clients, such as grocers, DIY, and apparel companies, understand exactly what drives customer behavior. Find out how through combining granular data analysis with unique prescriptive analytics, Periscope’s Category Solutions enables clients to sustainably drive revenue growth and maintain a competitive edge.