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Consumer, buyer, and market insights for growth

Create value and competitive advantage by discovering fundamental insights about consumers

  • Big Data

    Insight Solutions help you elevate
    the voice of your customer

Insights are at the heart of all growth impact. Anything from the creation of Uber to changes in a call script for a call center agent is based on an insight.

Generating specific insights that can transform a business is hard. The explosion of data in today’s digital age provides an unprecedented opportunity for companies to identify consumer wants, and deliver products and services that profitably capture market share.

However, zeroing in on relevant sources of data, understanding available technologies and research techniques, and consolidating and analyzing the data is a challenge.

Insight Solutions solves this problem by integrating hard scientific methods, objective facts, and cutting-edge analytics to help companies generate a 360° view of their customers – one that sparks innovation, uncovers the most promising sources of growth, and helps develop successful products and brands.

Solutions for Insights Creation

  • Agile Insights

    Our team conducts interviews, creates surveys, and analyzes behavioral data and online intelligence to better understand the consumer.

  • Applied Insights

    Our proprietary tools and services help companies identify potential market growth areas, assesses product pricing and feature efficiency, and uncover sales and marketing improvement opportunities.

  • Intelligence Flow

    We use embedded insights such as data feeds, managed analytics services, and industry surveys to provide ongoing support that helps companies stay ahead.

  • Insights Boost

    We help you transform the way you create insights by reshaping your insights portfolio and/or organization with a customized insights program.


Unparalleled analytics and expertise

Insight Solutions combines McKinsey’s cutting-edge expertise across 22 industry practices with advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to discover breakthrough insights. Our areas of focus, how we ask questions, how we interpret results – is framed by a genuine understanding of how value is created in each industry.

C-level insights

Insight Solutions works with CEOs, CMOs, and other C-suite executives to address their major challenges and make a significant impact. We communicate our findings through crisp analyses and frame solutions through the lens of value creation.

Speed to insight

Our agile methodology allows us to find answers faster, make research iterations and adaptations based on initial findings, and address new business questions that arise in the process.

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Explore how Insights Solutions drives revenue impact and growth

How can you rapidly generate the specific insights on customer behavior? This short video explains how Insights Solutions delivers customer insights in days not months to impact critical decisions. Find out more about the suite of solutions that combines world-class market research and insights techniques with an unparalleled marketing & sales perspective honed over years of experience.