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Convert business intelligence into granular business performance improvement

Enhance performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools

  • Big Data

    Create 2–7% annual ROS increase
    and a 25% increase in analysis productivity

Creating granular transparency and identifying areas of underperformance are crucial for companies seeking to improve margins and create impact.

Loads of data coming in from many different sources challenge consumer goods, manufacturing companies and financial institutions to identify the drivers of over- and underperformance. However, leading companies that leverage big data and prescriptive analytics unlock value and create sustainable ROS gains of 2–7%. Periscope Performance Solutions help companies rise above the sea of data to achieve clarity, precision, and excellence.


Playing every hand better in the pricing game

White paper (703 kb)

Solutions for Performance Management

  • Performance Vision

    Combines BI and reporting with advanced decision support tools, including automated opportunity generation and real-time impact tracking, to supercharge the commercial process.

  • Data Vision

    Seamlessly merges internal and external data, and leverages best-in-class visualization tools and proprietary analyses to drive transparency and data-driven decisions.

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Watch how Periscope helps companies capture value

How can you identify sources of leakage in profit margin and revenue and convert those leakages into opportunities? This video explores how Periscope’s Performance Solutions help companies integrate different data sources into a single source of truth. This enables clients across industries to rapidly identify leakages and optimize profitability across products, regions, channels, and customers. Learn how Periscope’s capabilities also support clients to track impact over time and tie that impact to the bottom line.