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Drive best-in-class price and margin management

Optimize pricing and promotional activities in a fast-changing market environment

  • Price Optimization

    Achieve 2–7% RoS increase with optimized pricing
    across channels, customers, and regions

  • B2B Pricing

    Improve pricing efficiency with
    advanced price setting methodologies

In highly competitive industries, advanced price optimization and management are critical to survive and thrive.

Industries such as consumer goods, retail, B2B, and finance are experiencing high levels of competition with clear winners and losers. Periscope helps product and category managers, pricing managers, and sales managers build and deliver sustainable, dynamic, and competitive pricing capabilities across their organization. Periscope Pricing Solutions bring together the human and technical elements to optimize dynamic price setting in a swiftly evolving competitive marketing environment.


Marrying art and science to improve retail life cycle pricing

White Paper (3.6 MB)

Solutions for Pricing Optimization

  • Price Advisor

    Optimize price setting across large assortments by simulating the impact of new prices with live data.

  • Markdown Advisor

    Drive markdown effectiveness by optimizing best distribution channel for sales, discount depth by item / location

  • Promotion Advisor

    Determine and plan your optimal trade investments and events across brands, calendar weeks, and territories.

  • Promotion "Offer Innovation"

    Generate and test unique promotional offers with live microtesting technology on digital platforms. READ MORE>>

  • Deal Advisor

    Gives instant and dynamic feedback on the performance of simulated deal pricing, and helps companies reduce unwanted variability in discounting performance.

  • Market Vision

    Assess your competitive positioning with real-time information on an unlimited number of products and price points

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Are you ready for the new era in B2B pricing, incorporating the effects of digital channels and sophisticated procurement teams? In order to adapt to this fast-changing environment, companies are looking to improve their pricing capabilities by combining advanced analytics with marketing and sales expertise. Download our white paper written by Richard Verity, Walter Baker, and Nicolas Magnette to learn how leading companies are harnessing data science to optimize pricing and boost returns by 2-7%.

Playing Every Hand Better In The Pricing Game


Playing every hand better in the pricing game

White paper (703kb)

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Explore Periscope’s game-changing pricing solutions 

How do you make crucial pricing decisions in a complex and fast-evolving market? Watch this short overview of how Periscope’s Pricing Solutions enable clients to formalize and implement their pricing strategies and track impact over time. Periscope provides a wide range of industries - from retail, FMCG, manufacturing, automotive, to high-tech – with a single pricing tool that delivers the critical insights clients need to make the right pricing decisions at the right time.