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Drive top-line performance and improve front-line capabilities

Achieve sales excellence by combining marketing and sales expertise with advanced analytics solutions

  • Sales Improvement

    Understand your organization’s
    sales performance better,
    and improve capabilities that will drive excellence

Improving sales performance is a top priority for many companies, but it’s not easy to know where to start and which opportunities to pursue.

Companies have long struggled to identify the root causes of subpar sales performance and to focus on the right priorities to improve top-line results.
Periscope®’s marketing and sales expertise offers proprietary benchmarking and analytics solutions to help measure performance on institutional and individual levels.

We help companies translate sales strategies into actionable plans, set commercial priorities early, and achieve breakthrough sales productivity by upgrading planning, coverage strategy, go-to-market model, sales force talent, and institutional capabilities in marketing, sales, and pricing. 

Solutions for Sales Improvement

  • Sales Advisor

    Delivers prioritized commercial insights directly to the front line, and provides execution support tools to both reps and managers to help capture opportunities.

  • Sales Navigator

    Unlock sales productivity and optimize go-to-market organization.

  • CCAT

    Build commercial capabilities to accelerate performance and growth.

  • Sales DNA

    Improve the talent profile and effectiveness of the sales front line.

  • Rep Planner

    Drive growth with sales planning application that increases sales efficiency and productivity.