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Empowering basic materials and chemical companies with big data and advanced analytics

What it takes to implement superior pricing and account management in chemicals and basic materials

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    Leverage advanced analytics to create transparency
    about value drivers at the customer level

Big data and advanced analytics hold the opportunity for providers and distributors of basic materials and chemicals to generate actionable insights and improve decision making around pricing and account planning


Which products are really profitable from a comprehensive commercial perspective? Which products are lagging? Which customers are the most valuable, and how can they be served in the best way? Periscope® helps chemical and basic materials companies establish a granular view of their profitability across complex product ranges and large customer portfolios. We collect product- and customer-level data, integrate it with other information, such as production data or price indices, and apply advanced analytics to generate recommendations for better performance. Our experts work closely with sales teams to make sure they capture the full value of our solutions for better deal pricing and margin management.

But price setting isn’t the only issue that keeps basic materials and chemicals players from making the most of a given opportunity. To help companies maximize value, Periscope® expands the solution space for profitability improvement. For example, our tools for sales and value management help executives benchmark sales performance and let account managers analyze the bottom-line impact of neglected value drivers such as bundling, packaging, transportation, and payment terms at the level of individual customers. Based on these insights, sales reps can adjust commercial conditions for better profitability over the entire lifecycle of a given customer. Periscope® solutions can also be integrated with legacy CRM systems for more fact-based account management.

Periscope® provides superior solutions as a service. It empowers chemical and basic materials companies to turn data into actionable insights for better decisions that drive profitable revenue growth

Periscope® helps chemical and basic material companies gain deeper insights into their profitability and supports a wide range of commercial excellence programs that lead to sustainable margin improvement. Account managers and sales reps use our solutions to determine optimal prices and discounts, suggest additional or alternative products to customers, fine-tune commercial conditions, and monitor margin and volume evolution at the level of individual products and customers. Building on McKinsey’s world-class industry experience, analytical acumen, and track record of successful commercial transformations, we deliver tailored solutions and dedicated capability building for sustained impact. 


For example, we enabled a distributor of chemicals and basic materials to improve the profitability of its key accounts by giving customers a choice of picking up orders at the distribution center for free, or paying a fee for delivery to the customers’ sites. In another case, Periscope® helped a specialty chemicals company generate 2% RoS impact by deploying Performance Vision. The solution enables sales teams to analyze account performance systematically and come up with account-level improvements. As part of this effort, more than 3000 product-customer prices were reset. First results became apparent after only 3 weeks.

Periscope solutions for price and margin optimization

  • Performance Vision

    Integrate and analyze internal and external data to generate insights for optimized pricing strategies.

  • Deal Advisor

    Enable your sales teams to structure more profitable deals with hands-on contract and quote execution support.

  • Sales Navigator

    Unlock sales productivity and optimize go-to-market organization.

  • CCAT

    Build commercial capabilities to accelerate performance and growth.

  • Sales DNA

    Improve the talent profile and effectiveness of the sales front line.

  • RepPlanner

    Drive growth with sales planning application that increases sales efficiency and productivity.

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Large corporations with complex product portfolios and global operations struggle to track and control the true drivers of profitability. As they try to keep up with competitors’ discounts, sales reps often find themselves trimming margins to a dangerous degree. Find out how a chemical company used the Periscope® Performance Vision solution to double pocket margins by taking control of all key profitability drivers from production and transportation to marketing.


Periscope identified opportunities for 2x pocket margin uplift in 18 months

Case Study (355kb)