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Big data, big deal? Cashing in on big data in consumer goods

How to beat the market with e-enabled best practices and insights in pricing, promotion, and assortment management

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    Periscope puts world-class consumer
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    Periscope named “Cool Vendor”
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Big data. People talk about it as if it’s the philosopher’s stone. It isn’t. In reality, it’s just the raw material of better business.

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To cash in on the big promise, consumer goods companies need to accomplish three types of transformation. They need to turn data into meaningful insight, insight into relevant innovation, and innovation into action: better products, more effective promotions, smarter shelf investments, more targeted advertising. Winners are investing in big data and advanced analytics often achieve up to 10 percent sales growth for their brands, 2-5 percent higher return on sales, and a margin uplift of 1-2 percent.

Built on McKinsey’s best-in-class industry expertise, Periscope® helps you establish evidence-based decision making across the entire value chain, from product development and category management to pricing and promotions management. Our unique combination of cutting-edge solutions, such as the Promotion Advisor, and hands-on expert support will transform the way you work with data and elevate your relations with retailers to a new level of value-driven collaboration.

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Discover how Periscope® drives commercial excellence in consumer goods industry.

How can consumer goods companies unlock the value of big data and turn data into meaningful insights? This video reveals how Periscope can turn data into innovation and innovation into action to deliver better products, more effective pricing, improved promotions, and smarter shelf investments. Watch our video to learn how Periscope’s unique combination of deep expertise, advanced insights, and high-impact solutions generates 2-5% improvement in ROS and 1.5% margin uplift.

Periscope® provides superior solutions as a service. It empowers consumer goods companies to turn data into actionable insights, make more informed decisions, and transform the way they work.

Consumer goods companies need to use data to stay competitive, but many decision makers feel paralyzed by the amount and the granularity of information they are supposed to process. The bigger the data dumps, the more they cling to gut feeling and rules of thumb. To overcome this paradox, Periscope® is about empowering people and rewiring processes as much it is about data and systems.


Our experts work with your team to demonstrate how the Periscope® platform distills relevant insights from big data, and how to leverage these insights for better decisions – an improved assortment, optimized price setting, and more effective promotions. Paired with dedicated capability building, Periscope® helps you establish a performance culture in which evidence-based decision-making is the new normal.

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Many consumer goods companies have access to more data than ever ever—from retailers, consumer panels, syndicators, government agencies, online sources, shipments, and internal financial records—and the tools to mine that data become more powerful every year. However, the changes are coming slowly to the decision making process. In this white paper, Paul Thompson, Josef Kouba and Stefan Rickert take a closer look at different strategies industry leaders use while harnessing new data sets and examine how they leverage software solutions to deliver growth and organizational change.


Marrying science and business judgment in consumer packaged goods

White paper (389kb)

Periscope solutions for consumer goods industry

  • Agile Insights

    Our team conducts interviews, creates surveys, and analyzes behavioral data and online intelligence to better understand the consumer.

  • Applied Insights

    Our proprietary tools and services help companies identify potential market growth areas, assesses product pricing and feature efficiency, and uncover sales and marketing improvement opportunities.

  • Marketing Performance

    Provides full transparency on marketing performance and enables companies to make better decisions on brand positioning and marketing-investment allocation.

  • Journey Pulse

    Benchmark your customer experience against your competitors’.

  • Journey Measurement

    Collect, analyze, and report on customer feedback.

  • Journey Analytics

    Aggregate and analyze operational customer data for key customer journeys.

  • Market Vision

    Assess your competitive positioning with real-time information on an unlimited number of products and price points.

  • Customer Insights

    Transform shopper data from retailer loyalty programs and past purchases into actionable, segment-specific insights.

  • Assortment Advisor

    Optimize your assortment, based on item-level impact simulations for improved category performance.

  • Price Advisor

    Optimize price setting across large assortments by simulating the impact of new prices with live data.

  • Promotion Advisor

    Determine and plan your trade investments and events across brands, calendar weeks, and territories.

  • Offer Innovation

    Generate and test unique promotional offers with live micro-testing technology on digital platforms.

  • Performance Vision

    Create data transparency and derive actionable insights for continuous price and performance improvements at a granular level.

  • Data Vision

    Consolidate and visualize data from internal and external sources for effective decision support.

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What are the factors that drive consumer purchase behavior? How do you leverage competitive intelligence for more successful negotiations with retailers? What is the right price for a given product, region, and channel? This brochure provides an overview of Periscope® solutions for price, margin, and category optimization. It also presents four real-life case examples of how consumer goods companies are using Periscope to increase sales, improve margins, and achieve category captain status.


Drive growth in a challenging consumer goods environment

Brochure (495kb)