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Accelerating growth in banking, insurance, and other finance institutions

Improve existing business processes, covering multiple questions in Sales, Marketing, and Execution

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    Periscope brings best-in-class pricing and revenue
    management expertise to financial services companies

Big data and advanced analytics hold the opportunity for financial services companies to beat the market by moving from an inward-looking approach to customer-centric decisions, differentiated propositions, and customized offers.

Periscope® helps financial services companies maximize value creation throughout the marketing and sales process. The solution enables them to obtain and integrate competitive intelligence to optimize business strategies, assess customers’ value potential, and understand their purchasing choices to develop customized propositions, optimize prices, and actively manage the return on investment of discretional discounts and promotions. Specifically, we help financial services companies integrate insights on competitive intensity, customer segments, purchase drivers, and price elasticity for fact-based decisions to drive sustainable growth.


Periscope® users typically achieve revenue increases of ~15 percent and profit uplifts of ~ 25 percent. Our experts work closely with client teams to leverage big data and advanced analytics for value-driven business decisions, from customer targeting and profiling to quotation and lifecycle management. Our solutions increase productivity through automating repetitive tasks and facilitate cooperation across departments and teams, while our data management services help clients maintain a clean and up-to-date single source of truth.

Periscope® provides superior solutions as a service. We help banks and insurance companies harness the power of big data and advanced analytics to identify, acquire, develop, and retain high-value customers

Built on benchmarking data assembled over 40 years and the latest advanced analytical algorithms, the Periscope® suite comprises half a dozen solutions for financial services companies, from Market Vision for comprehensive competitive intelligence to Price Advisor for elasticity-based price setting for lending and insurance products. We help clients create an integrated database as a single source of truth, resolve technical issues, and link insights with operations for higher productivity and better overall business performance. To make sure clients capture the full value of big data and advanced analytics, our experts work closely with users of our solutions.

For example, a large European bank used Periscope® solutions to optimize prices for any combination of high-value corporate clients and lending products. The improvements resulted in an 8 percent profit uplift. In another case, Periscope was leveraged to understand what drives share of wallet among card members and to determine potential competitive areas (i.e.,competitors in wallet). A $10 billion increase in spending and $250M increase in gross profit generated by following the key strategies identified by Periscope. 


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In many cases, fact-based performance optimization is just a one-off effort. This document show how banks used Periscope® solutions to ensure the long-term adoption of best practices for sustained impact. Learn how Periscope, by McKinsey, enables banks to improve revenues by 10-25% and boost value creation by 20-25%.


Accelerating Growth in Corporate Banking

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Periscope solutions for price and margin optimization

  • Agile Insights

    Our team conducts interviews, creates surveys, and analyzes behavioral data and online intelligence to better understand the consumer.

  • Applied Insights

    Our proprietary tools and services help companies identify potential market growth areas, assesses product pricing and feature efficiency, and uncover sales and marketing improvement opportunities.

  • Market Vision

    Monitor competitors’ products and prices with real-time information and leverage machine learning to reverse-engineer your competitors’ pricing formulas

  • Price Advisor

    Monitor competitors’ products and prices with real-time information and leverage machine learning to reverse-engineer your competitors’ pricing formulas

  • Deal Advisor

    Enable your sales team to structure more profitable deals with hands-on quotation and lifecycle management support

  • Performance Vision

    Monitor competitors’ products and prices with real-time information and leverage machine learning to reverse-engineer your competitors’ pricing formulas

  • Sales Advisor

    Empower your front line to drive the return on sales with this end-to-end account and quotation management platform.

  • Sales Navigator

    Unlock sales productivity and optimize go-to-market organization.

  • CCAT

    Build commercial capabilities to accelerate performance and growth.

  • Sales DNA

    Improve the talent profile and effectiveness of the sales front line.

  • Rep Planner

    Drive growth with sales planning application that increases sales efficiency and productivity.

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What does interest-rate liberalization in China mean for the banks in the country? While banks previously neglected pricing capabilities and strategies, with the new reform institutions are pushed to adopt smarter pricing strategies. This white paper discusses the implications of the competitive interest environment for the Chinese banks, focusing on the capabilities they need to build and the transformation they need to go through in order to adapt quickly and capture huge benefits.

Price To Win Mck Brochure


Create value through smarter pricing in a competitive interest rate environment


White paper (492 KB)