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  • client quote

    "…impact of Periscope
    was phenomenal…not only as a tool, but as
    an enabler to redesign the way we work”
    Commercial director of world leader consumer good company

  • client quote

    "Periscope let us reach 2% improvement in
    return on sales in just 8 weeks, managing about
    1,000 different car variants"
    Global Pricing Manager, leading automotive player

  • client quote 3

    "I truly believe that Periscope should
    become a mandatory building block of our
    annual business planning process"
    Country Manager, Fortune global 50 company

Case studies

MediaMarkt Masters Personalization Experience Delivery at Scale

Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieves 14% uplift in revenue per user after employing personalized approach in Spanish market. 

Periscope® powers ~ 2% revenue boost for a US department store

Fast-shifting markets place enormous pressure on retailers but also offer massive opportunities - if you can get your pricing right. Learn how we helped a US department store revolutionize their pricing and promotions.

Periscope® drives ongoing margin improvement of 2-3% per year

Find out how Periscope® totally transformed promotion planning for a national drugstore chain and provided a plug-and-play solution that category managers can easily integrate into their day-to-day work processes. 

Driving commercial transformation resulting in 15% growth in operating income

Periscope® Sales Solutions unlock sales growth opportunities for a technology distribution company through comprehensive segmentation, a new coverage model, and a support model focused on training and coaching.

Powering a customer experience transformation for a leading bank

How can you define a strategy to ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction over time? Periscope®’s Customer Experience Solutions accelerates impact by integrating analytics and technology into the customer experience redesign efforts at a leading bank.

Turbo charging customer experience improvements

Periscope®’s Customer Experience Solutions help accelerate customer experience transformation at a leading public utility and estimate a potential impact of 20% reduction in total spend.

Pricing excellence in corporate banking fueled by Periscope®

Against a backdrop of volatile and swiftly evolving financial markets, getting your pricing right is key. Banks need to move away from a product focus toward a relationship-based pricing model to keep their corporate customers on side. This leading APAC player tapped into a winning formula to revolutionize their pricing strategy - powered by Periscope®

Periscope® Pricing Solutions unique approach brings science to the art of price setting

Case Machinery

Periscope® Pricing Solutions help a global manufacturer of industrial machines redefine their pricing strategy for spare parts to achieve a >2% RoS uplift.

Periscope® helps a regional grocer revolutionize their organization and deploy lasting new capabilities

Retail Casestudy Sales Uplift

A regional grocer faced with the challenge of mining data from several hundred stores and competing with a rival leveraging robust analytics turned to Periscope®. By deploying a combination of Periscope® Customer Insights, Category Factory and Promotion advisor, our team powered a 2-4% sales uplift.

Pricing excellence in corporate banking fueled by Periscope®

Periscope® helps a leading APAC bank to revolurionize their pricing strategy and increase revenue by 10-15%.

Periscope® delivers a clear formula for success for a chemicals player

Periscope® Performance Vision brought clarity to this large-scale chemicals company by identifying opportunities equivalent to 40 x project investment, leading to a doubling of pocket margins.

Periscope® enables leading CPG player increase bottom line profit and capture value in their target market

CPG Case Study Food Comp

Periscope® Promotion Advisor is helping a leading CPG player achieve significant impact through delivering robust insights and building lasting capabilities to transform business and decision-making processes.