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Journey Pulse

Surveys to reveal customer satisfaction levels and identify most critical journeys

  • Journey Pulse

    Start transforming customer experience
    by benchmarking best-in-class experiences

Journey Pulse rates companies based on customer satisfaction, defines the customer journeys that drive satisfaction, and identifies levers for improving performance for each journey.

Companies trying to benchmark customer satisfaction levels often find only black-box software solutions that either don’t provide guidance on performance improvement, or are completely devoid of a benchmarking component. Journey Pulse helps companies understand the parameters of best-in-class customer experience, identify the journeys that increase satisfaction, and define the drivers of satisfaction at each stage of those journeys.

What Journey Pulse delivers to organizations:

  • A consumer survey that asks customers to rate their satisfaction with specific companies within the same industry and for specific journeys (e.g., resolving a problem).
  • Survey analysis to identify the journeys that correlate with the greatest overall satisfaction and the elements that drive satisfaction (e.g., timeliness of initial response) within each journey.
  • Graphic visualizations that allow companies to prioritize investments based on its standing vs. its competitors, the journeys customers rate as most important, and the drivers of satisfaction within each journey.