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Agile Insights

Uncover what people are thinking, saying, and doing

  • Agile Insights

    Generate a 360 degree view of your customers

Agile Insights is a suite of primary research offerings, including quantitative and qualitative techniques, online intelligence, social media data, and quick insights scans.

Understanding consumer needs and their decision-making processes, is more challenging than ever due to rapidly changing buying patterns, increased speed of decision-making, and the explosion of data sources. 

We partner with clients to discover and explore the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that drive customer behavior through their purchase decision journey.


What Agile Insights deliver for companies across consumer and B2B sectors:

Agile Insights consists of a leading edge research design and execution capability that is paired with subject matter expertise to ensure that research is truly fit-for-purpose to address key business needs. Our 4 distinctive services for companies across consumer and B2B sectors include:

Survey (quantitative research): Get the facts about individuals’ beliefs and behaviors 

  • Concept testing
  • Flash surveys
  • Growth potential surveys
  • Customer Decision Journey Score Card
  • Other modular surveys

Speak (qualitative research): Talk to and observe individuals in real time 

  • Video interviews
  • Digital diaries
  • Digital UX testing
  • Focus groups
  • in-home interviews
  • Mock-shops

Scrape: See what people are doing and saying online

  • Social brand equity
  • Social media customer engagement
  • Online intelligence
    • Purchase structures
    • Pricing & assortment insights
    • Consumer insights
    • Patient conversations

Scan: Scan data on a specific market, segment, or category to get rapid, targeted insights

  • Digital Opportunity Scan
  • Insights Factory


Watch the Market Vision video to learn how Insights Solutions can help you understand market place dynamics through accurate real-time data to make better-informed pricing and product decisions.