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Personalization Advisor

Drive topline growth through personalized customer engagement

  • Deal Advisor

    15-30% revenue uplift with
    personalized customer recommendations

  • Deal Advisor

    Powering relevant, individualized content in real-time
    and on a global scale through our alliance with Dynamic Yield

In today’s increasingly digital world, expectations of a company’s services are at an all-time high. Consumers require a seamless experience, and they want to be shown the products and services relevant to them.

Companies that fail to invest in personalized marketing run the risk of losing customers and falling behind the competition.

Periscope’s Personalization Advisor maximizes conversions and drives revenue growth by helping companies deliver the right experience, to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time.

We cover the personalization value chain end-to-end, from a customer data platform to a consumer-decisioning suite. We uncover insights from the data and derive actionable recommendations, implemented within weeks. We deliver agile personalization campaigns supported by digital, marketing, operations, and technology experts.


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Learn how Personalization Advisor can boost sales by 15-30%

While customer expectations are increasing and changing constantly, how can you offer an experience that your customers really care about to increase conversion? Is there a technology that can help you to communicate seamlessly across channels and is also easy to operate? Personalization Advisor covers the personalization value chain end-to-end, helping you to maximize conversions and drive revenue growth through delivering the right experience to the right customer through the right channel at the right time.

Our Personalization Advisor offering:

Personalization Diagnostics - helps to rapidly determine CRM impact potential in your customer data.

Segment Analytics - allows for more robust segmentation in ½ of the typical time taken

Next Product-to-Buy Analytics - allows for tailored product recommendations based on customer needs and priorities

Agile Marketing - provides digitization of proven agile approach to be leveraged in “war rooms”

Personalization Quotient - provides insights on how to set up and run, test, and scale agile operating model

Personalization Advisor powered by Dynamic Yield - combining the implementation experience of McKinsey´s industry experts with Dynamic Yield’s decisioning engine, Personalization Advisor powered by Dynamic Yield is a powerful, scalable solution that delivers campaigns with significant short-term and long-term impact.


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Learn Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieved 14% uplift in revenue per user

How do you match the increasing expectations of your customers, better understand their preferences and improve their experience? MediaMarkt sought to merge all their data – from both their offline and online sources- in an integrated data management system and deliver a holistic experience. Launching over a dozen personalization use cases, MediaMarkt ultimately saw a significant 14% uplift in revenue per user and an overall reduction to their total cost of ownership.



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Personalization Experience
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