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Strategy & Branding

Strategic insights on the customer decision journey and brand performance and perception

  • Strategy & Branding

    Our Strategy & Branding offering
    generates 3-5% revenue growth

Our offering in the Marketing Strategy & Branding helps companies to gain a thorough understanding of the customer decision journey and gather deep insights on their brand’s perception and performance both in the wider market and specific segments.

We support CMOs to make the right decisions on marketing strategy and branding by delivering fact-based answers to core business questions:

1) How does my brand perform against competitors? What is my key bottleneck?

2) How should I position my brand and what do I have to deliver to meet customer needs?

3) Which moments matter most across the consumer decision journey?

4) Which channels and touchpoints matter to buyers and prospective customers?

Our insights are based on custom market research data.

Strategy & Branding offering delivers to organizations:

Brand Navigator Brand performance and positioning

Identifies key drivers for brand consideration, purchase, and loyalty and tracks brand performance as well as brand perception versus competitors to enable optimal brand positioning and tailored messaging by target group.

Consumer Decision JourneyBrand journey and touch points

Helps businesses to understand fundamental shifts along the customer decision journey and what channels or touchpoints matter along this journey, supporting decisions on the optimal marketing spend per customer segment, step in the decision journey, and touchpoint.

To learn more about our approach to marketing strategy & branding, read The New Battleground for Marketing-Led Growth.


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