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Commercial Capability Assessment Tool

A benchmarking system for institutional marketing and sales capabilities

  • CCAT

    Build commercial capabilities to
    accelerate performance and growth


9pp increase in sales
2.5pp increase in margin
The Commercial Capability Assessment Tool is an online self-assessment diagnostic survey that is quick and easy to use and delivers deep insights on marketing and sales performance by business unit, function, geography, and seniority.

The CCAT makes it easy for companies to identify the commercial capability-building actions that lead to sustainable competitive advantage. Using proprietary data based on more than 200 companies, it helps clients understand how their business units benchmark against each other and the industry across geographies, and then build an integrated plan for improvement.

Our metrics cover all marketing and sales capabilities across 170+ actions and outcomes, allowing companies to compare their most essential key performance indicators to the performance of their peers.

What Commercial Capability Assesment Tool delivers to organizations:

  • A 170-question online self-assessment survey on a comprehensive set of marketing and sales capabilities, ranging from strategy to sales support
  • Benchmarking data comparing performance against peers and top-performing companies
  • An in-depth report containing insights and analyses about commercial capabilities
  • A strategic consultation with experts to review results and discuss implications, opportunities for improvement, and potential next steps
  • Identification of improvement areas and prioritization of capability-building initiatives
  • A mitigation plan for capability blind spots and /or risks to facilitate best practices

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