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Dealer Sales DNA

Driving auto dealer profitability through talent excellence

  • DEaler Sales DNA

    Profile high-potential sales reps and recruit, train, and retain them


3-5% increase in revenue and
reduced training and recruiting costs
Dealer Sales DNA is an online diagnostic survey which assesses sales reps personality traits, skills, mindsets, and motivations and compares that data to individual sales performance.

Successful car dealerships and manufacturers rely on strong sales performance to grow revenues. But companies often lack a clear road map when it comes to recruiting, training, and retaining high-performing sales reps. Dealer Sales DNA delivers the fact-based insights to overcome the high staff turnover rates endemic to the industry and address critical performance gaps.

By profiling the personality traits and skills which are key to success, the solution helps to build capabilities, fine-tune coaching strategies, and facilitate informed hiring and retention decisions so that dealerships and manufacturers can achieve year-on-year revenue growth and reduce recruiting and training cost.

With Dealer Sales DNA, your organization can:

  • Understand the the profile of high-performing sales reps and which sales traits contribute to revenue growth
  • Identify candidates with the right skill sets, based on comprehensive automotive and cross-industry benchmarks
  • Improve onboarding and training plans to build strategic capabilities, revamping sales coaching methodology to orient it more closely to sales reps’ needs
  • Design effective incentive plans aligned with reps’ motivations and aspirations to reduce churn
  • Align your growth strategy: in follow-up workshops and discussions with our experts we jointly review the results and prioritize, design, and execute key improvement initiatives

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