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Best-in-class software solution to support sales growth and planning

  • RepPlanner

    Drive growth by increasing
    sales-operations efficiency and sales productivity


2/3 planning-time reduction
50% sales footprint increase
Rep Planner is a sales growth analytics platform that translates B2B sales coverage strategy into field-ready plans that boost sales productivity and operational efficiency.

Sales coverage strategy and planning is a key performance driver for companies, yet often the efforts put into strategy are undone by poor execution. Rep Planner brings science to sales planning: it translates McKinsey’s traditional strategy and coverage work into field-ready sales plans and is especially appropriate for B2B companies that have a multi-dimensional sales structure.

It helps companies capture incremental growth with fewer planning resources and faster timelines. The solution also captures end-to-end coverage through design and ultimately deployment by focusing on segment planning, capacity planning, quota planning, and roster planning.

What Rep Planner delivers to organizations:

  • Rapid iteration and collaboration with a “single source” of truth
  • Consistent rules-based deployment of the strategy
  • Real-time KPI monitoring to stress test the plan as it is developed
  • Prioritization of the right accounts to cover, based on opportunity and strategy
  • Defined resources per segment and shifts required for optimal coverage
  • Targets set based on account strategy, e.g., retain vs. acquire vs. develop
  • Optimized account assignments per rep to maximize selling time effectiveness



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