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Sales Advisor

Empower sales teams with fact-based insights on account opportunities

  • Sales Advisor B2B

    Move ahead by identifying
    the best customer opportunities and
    create up to 7% ROS increase

  • Sales Advisor FIG

    Power a 5-10% increase in EVA
    with client-level value management

Sales Advisor prioritizes account opportunities by leveraging advanced analytics methods to scan existing accounts or leads for value creation opportunities, and delivers insights to sales teams when they need them most.

Manufacturing companies and financial institutions are under increasing pressure to boost their B2B sales effectiveness and fully exploit the value potential of new and existing clients due to intensified competition. Sales Advisor allows organizations to assess client's true potential and form a development strategy, focus on most promising leads and build the necessary capabilities to mobilize front-line.

Sales Advisor offers organizations a digital value management system. It is an account management solution providing sales teams with guidance on customer’s requirements on product or portfolio level, price improvement and cross-sell opportunities, as well as recommendations for reduction of margin leakage.

Sales Advisor can be integrated into CRM packages, so users can find the insights they need inside their most commonly used tools.

What Sales Advisor delivers to Manufacturing Companies and Financial Institutions:

  • Commercial opportunity identification at client level through comparison with similar already existing clients
  • Opportunity ranking by priority/likelihood to point sales teams on most promising opportunities
  • Account-level recommendations on price, leakage reduction and cross-sell opportunities
  • Integrates fully with Performance Vision and Deal Advisor for optimized transaction profitability, or with CRM systems