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Sales DNA

Build a talent profile and improve the effectiveness of front-line sellers

  • Sales DNA

    Benchmark the traits of your front line
    and profile your top performers


5–20% increase
in top-line revenue
Sales DNA is an online diagnostic survey consisting of 200+ self-assessment questions for sales reps around traits in six core sections: intrinsics, skills, motivation, culture, time allocation, and coaching.

Sales DNA delivers powerful fact-based insights about a sales force, enabling companies to quickly identify and address individual performance gaps. This can drive a sustainable 5–20% increase in top-line revenue through higher ROI on training, better understanding of what will motivate reps and retain top performers, and more targeted hiring.

By comparing the survey responses of sales reps to their sales numbers, Sales DNA identifies the traits shared by a company’s top performers and uses those insights to help it hire, train, manage, motivate, and retain great people.

In addition, Sales DNA substantially upgrades the performance of good sellers and builds a sales-supportive company culture. Survey results around skill and team culture are also benchmarked against responses from peers from organizations within the industry, allowing teams to get a clear view of where their front line is lagging behind industry averages.

Sales DNA insights can be used to design improvement initiatives across a company’s operational and managerial practices, leading to increased profits, reduced churn, and a more skilled front line.

What Sales DNA delivers to organizations:

  • An in-depth report containing analyses of front-line sales operations and recommendations about which sales traits are contributing to front-line success
  • A follow-up call/workshop with our experts to review results and discuss implications, opportunities for improvement, and potential next steps
  • Remote support for scoping, survey administration, and peer-set selection
  • A recruiting and hiring plan to help identify the right candidates with the right skill sets
  • Onboarding and training plans to develop the right individual skills
  • Ideal incentive plans offering more targeted reward-and-recognition programs to align with rep aspirations
  • Career paths and role definitions for front-line sales staff
  • Revamp of sales-manager priority actions via coaching

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