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Sales Navigator

Benchmark return-on-sales cost and performance drivers against peers across business units, regions, and channels

  • Sales Navigator

    Optimize sales performance
    and go-to-market organization


Achieve 5–10% increased productivity
10–20% cost savings
Sales Navigator benchmarks a company’s operational and organization data against its peers to answer critical sales-performance questions.

Companies that experience below-aspiration commercial performance often find it difficult to understand the root causes and to set the right commercial priorities to improve. A quantitative diagnostic tool to benchmark sales performance and go-to-market organization, Sales Navigator’s proprietary database includes 1,300+ data sets from more than 200 companies. It enables companies to measure themselves against 35 standard indicators of sales performance and organizational setup, such as sales ROI, and revenue per front-line-sales full-time equivalent (FTE), sales cost per revenue.

What Sales Navigator delivers to organizations:

  • Understanding of how their organization and go-to-market model perform versus its peers in terms of sales effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Detailed reports that allow companies to prioritize long-term financial-performance targets and near-term operational KPIs for go-to-market model at the organizational and business-unit levels

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